Division 1


The NMG Wymondham & District Table Tennis League was formally affiliated to the E.T.T.A. in 1950 although before that year matches were played on a friendly basis between teams in the market town of Wymondham, Norfolk. The League's mandate is to provide friendly competitive Table Tennis to as wide a range of people, young and old as is possible, and this we have been doing for the past fifty years or so.  A further part of our mandate is a particular interest in promoting youngsters to play the game.

The Leagues area of activity covers Mid South Norfolk from Hethersett to Wymondham to Attleborough, and from Attleborough to Watton, Diss and Long Stratton.  Our League, as the name suggests, is based in Wymondham from which the League is administered and activities such as coaching take place. An initiative carried out over several years has seen the League more or less centralised on four modern centres at Watton, Wymondham, Morley and a newly developed club at Bunwell.

Currently the League is formulated into Three Divisions which allows players with a wide range of abilities to enjoy this sport. We have a good mix of both males and females playing in the league as well as more mature devotees.  Matches are played weekly from mid September to early April on a home and away basis.  Within the League programme there are two cup competitions, a Handicap and a Knockout which allows players from different divisions to meet and play against each other.

Contact Names and Telephone Numbers                      

Chairman & Coach:

David Simpson      01953 454404   (Gt.Ellingham)

Vice Chairman:

Lawrence Caley     01603 455146   (Norwich)    

Secretary & Coach:

Simon Kelf               01953  453948  (Attleborough)

Treasurer, Press Officer & Coach:  

Ian Scales               01953 602180   (Wymondham)    

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