Division 1

2019/120 Handicap Cup

Second Round

Ketts Park v Hethersett (Tues, Ketts Park)

Watton D 2 - 7 Saints E of Morley (Wed, Garveston VH)

Saints C of Morley v Morley (Thurs, Morley VH)

Watton B v Ashwellthorpe Atoms (Wed, Garveston VH)

Ties to be played week commencing Monday 16th March

First Round

Woodlands 4 - 5 Hethersett (Wed, Woodlands Social Club)

Saints A 4 - 5 Ketts Park (Tues, Ketts Park)

Watton D 5 - 4 Watton C (Wed, Garveston Village Hall)

Marauders B 2 - 7 Watton B (Tues, Ketts Park)

Marauders A 3 - 6 Ashwellthorpe Atoms (Tues, Morley Village Hall)

iSpin 1 - 8 Saints C of Morley (Thurs, Morley Village Hall)

Morley 5 - 4 Saints B (Thurs, Morley Village Hall)

Saints E of Morley 6 - 3 Saints D (Tues, Morley Village Hall)

All ties to be played week commencing Monday 10th February

Preminary Round

Saints C of Morley 5 - 4 Watton A (Morley Village Hall, Thursday 16th January)

All other teams have byes (Ashwellthorpe Atoms, Hethersett, Marauders A, Saints A, Saints B, Watton B, Watton C, iSpin, Ketts Park, Maraunders B, Morley, Saints E of Morley, Saints D, Watton D, Woodlands)

2018/19 Handicap Cup

Preminary Round

Marauders A 4 - 5 Ashwellthorpe Atoms 

Hardingham CC 2 - 7 Saints A

First Round

Marauders C v Morley C (Tues, Ketts Park)

Woodlands 3 - 6 Saints B (Wed, Woodlands Social Club)

Ashwellthorpe Atoms 2 - 7 Watton B (Thurs, Morley Village Hall)

Ketts Park 3 - 6 Saints C (Tues, Ketts Park)

Watton A 7 - 2 Saints A (Wed, Garveston Village Hall)

Morley B 0 - 9 Bunwell & iSpin (Thurs, Morley Village Hall)

Hethersett 2 - 7 Morley A (Thurs, Hethersett Social Club)

Watton C 9 - 0 Marauders B (Wed, Garveston Village Hall)

Ties to be played week commencing 14th January 2019

Second Round

Watton A 8 - 1 Morley C (Wed, Garveston Village Hall)

Watton B 7 - 2 Saints B (Wed, Garveston Village Hall)

Bunwell & iSpin 2 - 7 Morley A (Thurs, Morley Village Hall)

Saints C 5 - 2 Watton C (Tues, Ketts Park)

Ties to be played week commencing 11th February 2019 


Saints C 5 - 3 Morley A (Tues, Ketts Park)

Watton A v Watton B (Wed, Garveston Village Hall)

Ties to be played week commencing 1st April 2019

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