Division 1

Committee Minutes

|| Management Committee Meeting - 14th July 2014 ||


David Attridge, David Simpson, Ian Scales, Stuart Laws, Peter Hopking, Sue Simpson, Clare Waity

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Chris Holmes, Lawrence Caley, Barney and Simon Kelf.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

 The minutes of the last meeting were read to be correct.

3. Matters Arising From Previous Meeting

There were no matters arising.

4. Coaching

Stuart Laws has looked into upcoming coaching courses and reported back that there is one scheduled in Ipswich in September and another one in February at Wensum, Norwich.  These courses run over 3 Saturdays and include a CPD which is now required as an annual refresher.

Ian Scales would definitely like to do one of these courses and other interest as follows:

Steve, Ketts Park

Barney, Ketts Park

Stephen Clubb, Watton

Graeme Richards, Watton (Peter to confirm with Graeme)

Once these numbers have been agreed then Stuart will book some places on the course.

It would be handy to have an easy reference to who has qualifications, etc – e.g. First Aid, Safeguarding, CRB/DBS Coaching Level 1 and relevant dates of expiry, etc.  Ian will put together a basic spreadsheet and then Clare will keep this up to date as a register.

5. Norfolk Affiliation

At the AGM it was queried that there were no Norfolk Affiliation costs listed on this year’s Treasurers Report as outgoings.  It was now confirmed that the report had been brought up to date and £192 was now showing on the accounts for Norfolk Affiliation fees.

The Chairman took this opportunity of welcoming the new Treasurer for this year – Sue Simpson.

6. Sponsorship

Sponsorship had been mentioned at the AGM by Stuart which was discussed a little more.  Stuart will be making enquiries into possible companies that might be prepared to sponsor the Tournament in 2015.  Statistics could be used that there are on average 40 competitors each year plus family members and friends spectating.

Trophies cost approximately £400 per annum so any contribution towards this would be very helpful.  Stuart to report back at the next committee meeting.

Further publicity for the league in general would also be a positive thing and articles in the Thetford & Watton Mercury and the Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury would be good. Ian to ask Barney if he would be interested in putting together a little regular article for the papers on results, etc.

If Barney could put these meeting minutes on the website it would also be good to put a comment on the site to encourage team captains to submit a little report after each match which could then be used as a basis for the body of the newspaper articles.

7. Dates for 2015

Looking at the calendar Sunday 8th March 2015 was a promising date for the next Tournament. The Chairman will provisionally book the hall at Watton Sports Centre and Clare will check with Lawrence Caley for his availability to run it again.

The second option for a date would be 1st March 2015.

The Junior Tournament will be held on Saturday 9th May 2015 and David Attridge will book the hall at Watton Sports Centre for this.

As soon as the dates are fixed they will be put on the website and in the handbook for this coming season.

8. Financial Report

The Treasurers paperwork and files were handed over to Sue. Various bodies would need to be informed of the change of details, e.g. ETTA, Norfolk Table Tennis, the banks and Sue will deal with this.

Sue, Julie and Ian will arrange to get together before the next Committee Meeting for a Treasurer handover and to organise the change of signatory for the banks, etc.

The financial report from the AGM was carried forward for today’s meeting. 

9. Any Other Business

Teams for next year were discussed and hopefully those competing in 2013/14 will continue again for 2014/15.  It may be possible for Watton and Ketts Park to put in another team each for Division 2, but this may be difficult.  Ian to email Team Captains to check their intentions in participating next season as David Simpson will need to be able to get the Handbook ready with team details, etc two weeks before the Registration Night which is 8th September.

Stuart kindly offered coaching at Bunwell for 2 Saturdays this summer.  Clare to contact interested parties and let Stuart know.

Stuart suggested approaching Wensum to see if they might have a junior team who would like to join our Division Two for the experience.

The Constitution was looked at as at the AGM it was queried how many Committee Members should stand.  It was confirmed that there is no issue with the number.

Clare had received a nice letter from John Bettridge thanking us for his leaving gift and the Chairman read this out to the meeting.

The rule on new plastic balls was discussed and that the rule will not take effect until next year.

ETTA registration was discussed.  A note to be put on website stating that if playing competitively then people must be registered with ETTA.  This note will also go in the handbook. 

Peter suggested the league running a hardbat competition.  A practise evening could be organised before the competition and players would find it a lot of fun.

10. Next Meeting

The next Committee Meeting will be held at The Buck, Morley at 7.30pm on Monday 3rd November 2013 


|| Management Committee Meeting - 29th January 2014 ||


David Attridge, Julie Howes, Ian Scales, Barry Howes, Clare Waity. Minutes taken by Clare.

1. Apologies for Absence:

Apologies for absence were received from John Bettridge and David Simpson.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were read to be correct.

3. Matters Arising From Previous Meeting

Hopefully the Hansell's Inter-league will be run again this year. It was agreed that if necessary to purchase some more red shirts for participants.

4. Financial Report

Julie confirmed the current balance as being £10,032.12, but there are still bills to be paid out of this amount. Due to Mike standing down from the Committee the continued sponsorship by Lomax was queried. Ian will speak to Mike about how best to approach this. 

5. Championships

Ian will send out entry forms to Team Captains and it was agreed that the price would remain the same as last year - £5 for the day. Lawrence will be organising on the day again, but might need some extra assistance if Wayne is not with him on that day. Ian will email Lawrence to double check that everything is OK for him to still do this and if he will be providing the control sheets and score sheets.

Groups agreed: Open Singles, Open Doubles, Division One Singles, Division One Doubles, Division Two Singles, Division Two Doubles, Handicap, Ladies Singles, Mixed Doubles, Veterans Singles.

David Attridge will organise the set up for the day and the necessary balls. David to let the Committee know if he requires help to set up. He will also speak to Watton Leisure Centre about the food arrangements, etc.

Closing date for entries will be 1st March 2014. It would be good to be able to have medals to give out on the day to winners.

6. Summer League

It was agreed that a maximum of 12 teams would work well for the Summer League this year and that entries should be on a first come first serve basis. Then if there are extra individual players who would like to join in, they could be added to the teams to help prevent games cancelled due to lack of players.

7. Committee Members

Julie will be standing down as Treasurer at the end of the season. This will take effect at the AGM 2014. Ian to ask Barney if he would like to take on the position of Treasurer and Ian will also ask Chris Holmes and Stuart Laws if they would like to join the committee.

8. Any Other Business

An issue has arisen regarding the teams of young children playing. Although these matches have gone well, the fact that they have been played best of 3 has led the opponents to feel that they are not getting a proper evening of table tennis that they expect. Committee agreed that unless absolutely necessary the matches against younger players should be best of 5 and run on two tables to get through it quicker.

There will be a Junior Tournament again this year, but maybe it will be held at Watton this time.  It will be between the Winter League and the Summer League on one Thursday evening.

It was agreed that the circulation of Committee Minutes and AGM Minutes should now also include all Captains of teams and that Barney will also display them on the website for all members to see.

Handicaps – everyone seems to be happy with the Handicaps that have allocated for this year.

Julie to raise a cheque for £20 for the donation to the Air Ambulance in place of the trophies from last year. (Done at meeting).

Outstanding Fixtures – there aren’t too many, Ian will ask Barney to email the teams who have outstanding games still to play and remind them.

It was noted that Barney is doing a great help running the league website.

Chairman thanked Julie Howes for all her hard work during her term as Treasurer, it is greatly appreciated. 

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